News CPC Cybersecurity Best Practices - Recommendation in the context of the Russian invasion 12/04/2022

On April 5th, the Recommendation of the Corruption Prevention Council (CPC) was approved, addressed to all public bodies and entities and to all digital service providers and other entities covered by the Cyberspace Security Legal Regime:

a. The Public Administration;
b. Critical infrastructure operators;
c. Essential service operators;
d. Digital service providers;
e. Any other entities that use information networks and systems, excluding information networks and systems directly related to the command and control of the General Staff of the Armed Forces and branches of the Armed Forces and the information networks and systems that process classified information.

The entities covered must:
1. Promote training and awareness-raising actions in Cybersecurity programs that are already available or by creating their own programs, for human resources in general, and for their managers.
2. Gather the appropriate technical means to guarantee a high level of cybersecurity, complying with the Cyberspace Security Legal Regime and respective regulations;
3. Reinforce the articulation of the Cybersecurity measures applied, with a view to sharing best practices, as well as success stories and weaknesses in their implementation, giving priority to the Cybersecurity Recommendations that already exist for public entities;
4. Ensure the necessary specialized knowledge, through specialized training actions for its workers assigned to this area, namely the Safety Officer and the Permanent Contact Point.

You can consult the text of the Recommendation here, or click on the link to the respective CPC page.

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